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Used radiator repair equipment is strung all over the USA, my video tells you were to find it and what equipment you do and do not want, I have personally bought a complete shop for 1 thousand dollars, complete with test tank, lift and hand tools, its out there if you know where to look!

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How to Hire a Good Radiator Repair Man

Hiring the wrong radiator repair man can cost you a lot on money in liability, lost time and radiator come back warranties, my video will show you how to find a professional radiator repair man and what questions to ask to know that he is a journeyman and not a novice.

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Welcome to my used radiator equipment website,
Used radiator equipment can help to keep the cost down of starting a new radiator shop, radiator lifts and tanks tend to last along time, there made out of steel and typically will work for 20 to 30 years before having any problems at all, test tanks will rust but it depends on how thick they are depends on how long till they'll leak.

If you're starting a radiator shop on a limited income you can find some used equipment in most cases, if you have used radiator equipment to sell I will post it on my website at no cost, I received probably three calls a week from clients looking for used radiator equipment most time there looking for a test tank and a lift, after finding a lift and test tank you're still going to need to buy supplies, torches, oxygen and propane bottles and basic hand tools for testing, but buying a used test tank and a used lift will save you thousands of dollars, e-mail me at the address below and I will give you a quote with shipping as soon as possible please include your name address phone number in the time of day you wish to be contacted in the e-mail,


Please remember it. If you need radiator training see my other website, there you will find demos on different aspects of radiator repair including plastic and brass for both automotive and industrial radiator repair procedures, recently I've also added farm and forklift procedures as well as plastic radiators for German cars A/C condenser repair, heater core repair and safety videos


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